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Sara II is an anchoring and connecting device suitable for anchoring, appropriate for connecting belay or work chains wherever the use of textile anchors and connecting devices may not be safe or are inefficient.

Sara II has not connecting loops reinforced with a steel liner. Thanks to this, the anchor eye can be inserted through narrow holes and slots.
Sara´s body is protected by a transparent plastic cover, which increases the life of the product while allowing for regular inspections.

Code Lenght
ZLR082 80 cm
ZLR102 100 cm
ZLR122 120 cm
ZLR162 160 cm

Made in EU.

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Lanyard Sara II


Artikelnummer#PrijsSize/LengthEANTARICWeightRope diameterMaterialFinished surfaceStrengthNorm
ZLR082.020+0082W00000000 € 38,4880cm859557019283295069990370.8g8 mmSteelGalvanized22 kNEN 354
EN 795 B
ZLR102.020+0102W00000000 € 42,47100cm859557019284963079098432g8 mmSteelGalvanized22 kNEN 354
EN 795 B
ZLR122.020+0122W00000000 € 45,74120cm859557019285663079098494g8 mmSteelGalvanized22 kNEN 354
EN 795 B
ZLR162.020+0162W00000000 € 52,64160cm859557019286363079098632g8 mmSteelGalvanized22 kNEN 354
EN 795 B