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Ga terug Lanyard Y PA 25mm 35cm+60cm

A symmetrical "Y" sling allows the worker to select the appropriate length to ensure safety during work

Asymmetrical, doubled webbing, Y-shaped sling with a sewn end
Used for access after securing a rope

WARNING - Lanyard Y PA 25mm 35 cm/60 cm is not a fall absorber! It should not be used on Via Ferrata routes!

Illustrative photo only. Lanyard Y PA 25mm 35cm/60cm is only the sewn webbing with Anti Slip Webbing Protector. Ascender and carabiner are sold separately.

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Lanyard Y PA 25mm 35cm+60cm


Artikelnummer#PrijsSize/LengthEANTARICWeight BRUTTOWeight NETTOColour
CPY036.035+0060W00080000 € 33,0335cm+60cm8595570190975950699901360012400black