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Helirescue kit | Carbon fiber spinal board

Helirescue kit composed of:

EVEREST BAG # 855.00
Rescue helicopter bag designed to be used either with rescue board either with vacuum mattress.
Designed and tested with all type of lifting helicopter devices generally used.
Hanging attachment loops in different colours.
Provided with multipurpose pockets.
Manufactured with tear-proof nylon and Cordura®
Weight: kg 4

X-TRIM 2 # 855.11
Innovative foldable in two pieces spinal board made with carbon fiber, completely x-ray transparent, it can be inserted in T.A.C., Magnetic Resonance Imaging (M.R.I.)and other diagnosis apparatus, avoiding the moving of the injured.
Light weight and compact, only 4,9 kg with 5 mm thickness.
Designed and conceived for all kind of rescue intervention for operation in extreme conditions.

TAYLAN # 855.02
Webbing system for wounded fasting.
Easy to adjust and provided with a quick locking device using connectors.
Weight: kg1

PATTY # 855.03
Hanging kit made of two pieces of seven webbings, each one with different colours.
Light and compact, it supports loads till kN 4.
Weight: kg 0.5

Head immobilizer fitted with chin straps
for the correct immobilization of the injured.
Fast assembling with Velcro strips.

Comfortable and compact rucksack with handles and resealable shoulder straps, easy to transport by one only rescuer or to lower with a winch.

Dimensions: height 95 cm - width 55 cm - depth 20 cm

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Kit Everest carbon


Artikelnummer#PrijsRef.DMN. Reg. DMCertificationMaterialWeight (kg)Length (cm)Width (cm)Colour
855SET012KK0 € 7.112,62///EU REGULATION 2017/745Carbon Cordura Nylon14.518342Orange
855SETN12KK0 € 7.210,39///EU REGULATION 2017/745Carbon Cordura Nylon14.518342Black