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Evolution of a great classic, Lecco 2.0 is the new stretcher for mountain rescue that maintains the same versatility of the previous version with new features that make it even more versatile and efficient!

Product chosen by CNSAS - National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps
The main features are:

new comfortable reinforced and hoistable carrying bag that allows ultra-fast stowage
ready for use in less than a minute, assembled by a single operator
pre-assembled frame and bag, with no components that can be lost
new ergonomic handles with variable sections (oval-round) for better load distribution on the shoulders and more comfortable transport
lateral zipper equipped with 4 sliders that allow partial opening for inspection and management of the injured person
additional zipper at the foot
immobilization straps made in different colors for fast operation
transparent visor allows visual contact with the injured person to be maintained
wide range of accessories that guarantee maximum reliability in the various conditions of use

Its length, shoulder supports included, is 3.1 meters. Without the supports it is 2 meters long. Refolded in its carrying ruck-sack, the stretcher measures 85x55x22 centimeters. The weight is 16 kg (without carriage bag).
The fabric cover has a range of webbing straps in different colors for seizing hold of the injured person at all key points. Four outer compression straps ensure the patient is safely secured. A double zipper allows the fabric cover to be completely opened for inspection, including of the lower limbs. Additional zipper at the foot. The generous cover size and compression strap lengths allow a vacuum mattress to be fitted (indispensable for immobilizing the injured person).

The front and rear shoulder supports are fitted with comfortable padding. The front shoulder supports can be inserted in a straight position for carriage on general terrain or reversed in position for extremely steep slopes or jutting drops, thus preventing the rescuer from slipping out of the shoulder supports. The length of the rear supports allow the rescuer to have good ground visibility.

The stretcher, complete with shoulder supports, has been designed for supporting a SWL (Safety Working Load) regularly distributed on the surface of 180 kg (safety factor 1:4). This load can never be applied to a single point only. Kong has reproduced in its laboratory the real stretcher employment conditions and has submitted it to destructive tests through static stretching. The kit for hanging the stretcher to a helicopter or aerial rope-way can support a SWL of 500 kg (safety factor 1:4).

The wide tape for lowering the stretcher, when inserted correctly according to the instructions, is guaranteed for a SWL of 400 kg (safety factor 1:4)

Winner of the Compasso d'Oro award, honor signal in 1994.

High quality product, completely designed and manufactured in Italy, which has become a global standard, now improved in many details that make it the ideal choice for rescue in hostile environments!

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870040000KK1 € 5.299,80870.04Classe I08023577058580EU REGULATION 2017/745Nylon Alu Alloy16198 (310)46.5Orange Black
87004NN00KK2 € 6.921,20870.04Classe I08023577058580EU REGULATION 2017/745Nylon Alu Alloy16198 (310)46.5Black