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Quickdraws with newly dsigned Racer Straigh and Racer Bent carabiners. Set available with either Dynema 13 mm or PA 16 mm express sling.

Upper multipurpose carbine with full lock. Bottom bent carabiner with the key lock system for smooth clipping and unclipping the rope, angled Keylock prevents unwanted catch on the rope, loop, or harness. It's suitable for those who prefer maximum strenght and reliability to low weight.

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Set Racer D13
Artikelnummer#PrijsEANTARICWeight BRUTTOWeight NETTOColour
SES012.000+0000S00030000 € 36,308595570126752761699901088010500fuchsia
SES012.000+0000S00040000 € 36,308595570126776761699901088010500aqua
SES012.000+0000S00060000 € 36,308595570126769761699901088010500lime