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Quickdraws with light-weight carabiners in new, vibrant colours. The wire gate on the carabiner reduces the quickdraw weight and prevent freezing specially in alpine environments. Thanks to the low weight, there is minimal risk of the carabiner opening when impacting against rocks. Delivered with rubber Anti Slip band.

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Set Swift D13
Artikelnummer#PrijsEANTARICWeight BRUTTOWeight NETTOColour
SES006.000+0000S00030000 € 29,048595570125878761699900764007600fuchsia
SES006.000+0000S00040000 € 29,048595570125854761699900764007600aqua
SES006.000+0000S00060000 € 29,048595570125861761699900764007600lime