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Basket stretcher with lightened shell

Basket stretcher fitted with a shell that has hexagonal holes that allow water and sand to drain out.
Extremely lightweight, it can be disassembled into two parts for easy transport. Equipped with internal padding and fastening straps.
Optional removable shoulder straps #880060KITKK
Lightweight aluminum alloy frame, thermoformed HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) protective shell, offering excellent patient protection.
Easy to clean and disinfect thanks to the removable inner padding.
Easily transportable by hand thanks to the tubular structure that runs around the perimeter, offering easy handling by multiple operators.
Suitable for helicopter transport (length just under 2m is compatible with most helicopter cabins).
Fitted with hanging kit ARIES #880070100KK
Can be divided into 2 pieces and easily loaded on the shoulders with the straps provided.
Optimized connection system between the two halves, central hinge for quick and easy connection, self-centering side pins and quick-locking screw sleeve.
Compatible with all Kong immobilization devices (X-TRIM spinal boards and Vacuum mattress).
Compatible with Flok-IT flotation system #880020300KK
The perfectly symmetrical shape allows the patient to be positioned in either orientation.
The straps are equipped with automatic buckles made of high-strength polymer material.
Rapid product identification via unique serial code and NFC chip.

Length: 1980 mm
Width: 600 mm
Height: 170 mm
Weight: 9.00 kg (excluding shoulder straps and hanging kit)

High quality product, designed and manufactured in Italy!

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911 Hive


Artikelnummer#PrijsRef.DMUDI-DICertificationMaterialWeight (kg)Length (cm)Width (cm)Colour
880060000KK1 € 3.412,20880.06Classe I08023577071220EU REGULATION 2017/745Alu Alloy HDPE919860Black Grey