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Vacuum mattress | for injured immobilization

Vacuum mattress for patient immobilization.
Its dimensions fit LECCO, 911, Rolly and Kit Everest stretchers, keeping the patient immobilized even while in a vertical position.
There is no interference with X-rays nor MRI.
The operating temperature ranges from +60 °C to -20 °C.
A maximum load of 150 kg is recommended.
The mattress is made with a double layer of PVC, guaranteeing maximum resistance to penetration, abrasion and tears, more durability and it's easy to repair.
The external PVC is tested according to UNI4818-16 for solvent resistance and according to EN-ISO811 for waterproofing.
It is also tested for flame retardancy according to UNI 9177 Class 2.
The mattress can be better adapted to the patient's head due to shaping which is hollowed specifically for that purpose.
Vacuum valve is on the side for optimal use.
The loops for attaching straps and handles are equipped with extra support tape to guarantee greater durability.
The carry handles join together under the structure, guaranteeing greater resistance since they do not weigh directly on the loops.
Each product is tested for 24 hours under vacuum before leaving the factory.
The carry bag is made of Cordura® 1000 Denier Nylon with a 10 mm zipper.
The mattress handles and straps are made of 40 mm polypropylene webbing.
Aluminum vacuum pump and carry bag included.
Completely made in Italy.

Included accessory: KIT VACUUM EVEREST (#855150000KK) for connecting the Vacuum to the Everest rescue bag.

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Vacuum 4


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