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This I lanyard utilises fall energy Absorber Pro.Intended for use while moving along a secured horizontal or vertical rope.The end of the lanyard must be attached to an anchoring point using a carabiner or anchor (a maillon carabiner is appropriate for connecting to an anchor) with a safety lock.The end of the ascender must be attached to the harness using a carabiner with a safety lock.The device is certified as a fall energy absorber appropriate for personal protection from falls from a height (EN 355). The fall absorbing system has a maximum length of 2 m (the total distance between the anchoring point and the connection point of the harness). Fall energy is absorbed through the controlled destruction of the absorber’s internal strap. After a fall is successfully caught, the absorber must be retired. This process is guaranteed to work under all weather conditions. Code Length CAI080 80 cm CAI100 100 cm Made in EU. 

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Absorber Pro I 80cm


Artikelnummer#PrijsSize/LengthEANTARICWeightLengthLength of fall absorber
CAI080.000+0080W00080000 € 61,7186cm859557019153895069990244.2g80cm220cm