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Y-lanyard with attached fall absorber. Used when moving along the secured horizontal or vertical rope. Enables the worker at heights to always be secured when passing anchor points. These devices and their additional components allow the fall arrester to work with maximum safety in normal conditions, which are defined by the EU standards: Slings EN 354, Fall Absorbers EN 355, and the fall arrest systems.  Absorbing the fall energy is done by controlled destruction of the internal webbing shock absorber This process is assured under any climatic conditions According to the standards, the use of the fall absorbers is only possible where there is adequate clearance heightAlso available in lenght 100 cm, Code: CAY100

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Absorber Pro Y 106cm


Artikelnummer#PrijsSize/LengthEANTARICLengthLength of fall absorberNorm
CAY100.100+0100W00080000 € 73,69106cm859557019160695069990100 cm240 cmEN 355