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Rope bag for fast descents, usable in tough conditions where it is not possible or desirable for the rope to be on the ground. It can fasten to the waist, the thigh, or the calf. Adjusting the plastic buckles can be done on either side of the buckles making it functional on either the left or right leg.

If the rope is shorter and does not fill the entire space of the Fast Bag, included compression straps can be used to reduce the size of the bag quickly. At the bottom of the bag, on the outside, there is a strap for upending the bag to remove the rope quickly. On the inside of the bag at the bottom, there is a loop for attaching a rope end. There are small holes in the bottom to remove water when necessary. When needed, the bag can be quickly detached and discarded by undoing a plastic buckle at the waist. The waist connection is detachable and can be purchased separately as a spare part.

Maximum length of rope is 60m of 11mm rope. Drawcord closure.

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Fast Bag
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