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Carbon fiber spinal board | Foldable in 2 parts
New version in shiny carbon fiber with rough finish on the upper part to improve the grip.

Revolutionary foldable spinal board entirely made of carbon fiber. Ready to use in few seconds by sliding the lateral “stiffening” bars (already assembled).
The board is exceptional in “Log Roll” manoeuvre thanks to its low weight (less than 5 kg) and extremely low thickness (only 5 mm). Fully X-ray transparent with no metallic components, it can be inserted in T.A.C., Magnetic Resonance Imaging (M.R.I.) and other diagnosis apparatus, avoiding the transfer of the injured. Designed and conceived for every kind of rescue operations (ambulance, helicopter, ecc...), it is suitable for hard use in wild enviroments and fits to heli-rescue bags (i.e.: KONG mod. EVEREST). Fasten webbing system for total immobilization of the injured (mod. Taylan) may be supplied separately.
High quality revolutionary product, completely developed and produced in Italy!

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X-TRIM 2.0


Artikelnummer#PrijsRef.DMUDI-DIStandardsMaterialWeight (kg)Length (cm)Width (cm)Colour
85516N000KK1 € 3.556,14855.16Classe I08023577015057EU REGULATION 2017/745Carbon4.618142Black