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Leg protectors made of durable material. Protectors are fitted with an easy to use front zipper with a cover and hook. Protectors prevent penetration of snow and wetness from below the knee and cover the top of a boot. They are ideal for summer mountain trips and an excellent protection against mud, dirt and snow. Compared to conventional gaiters, ours have a hypalon strap. The material is noted for its strength and durability. It is designed to withstand the sharp points of crampons.

they have a hypalon belt under the shoe, which is resistant to crushing by cats
front massive zipper covered with flap and hook
available in three sizes (according to shoe size): S 36-39 (EU), M 40-43 (EU), L 44-47 (EU)

Designed & Engineered in EU.

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ZAM002.000+0003S00080000 € 51,55S859557012435262171000247g450D PES Ripstop
PU Coating
ZAM002.000+0004S00080000 € 51,55M859557012545862171000247g450D PES Ripstop
PU Coating
ZAM002.000+0005S00080000 € 51,55L859557012546562171000247g450D PES Ripstop
PU Coating