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Twelve, steel-point, ice climbing crampons with a universal binding. They are suitable for trekking, climbing and ski alpine activities. The crampons come with two extra size bars for extending the size up to 48 EU. To protect the crampons and other gear, we recommend purchase and use of the ROCK EMPIRE Crampons bag (Code: ZAM001) designed especially for storing and keeping your crampons safe.

Antiboot on the bottom of the plastic prevents snow from accumulating while walking.
Plastic fastening in front and back allows quick and firm fit on any shoe and is extremely gentle on trekking boots.
The strap system is sewn together with the plastic. The embossments in the front spikes make them more rigid and prevent springing for greater sense of confidence when climbing a rock.
Thanks to the flexible locking and the double size of the adjusting plate, the desired length of the climbing irons can be comfortably adjusted in the size range of 36 - 48 EU.

Designed & Engineered in EU.

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