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Half fingered systhetic gloves intended for via ferrata and work with rope. Synthetic leather gloves with padding and stretch fabric.

Synthetic leather.
Reinforcement of Kevlar.
Elastic parts.
Velcro wrist tightening.
Hole on the lower wrist for easier donning.
Strap between 3rd and 4th finger for ease of scanning.
Protective extensions above finger joints against chafing.

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ZSG003.000+0002S00000000 € 35,94XS859557012858942032100460gSynthetick leather
Synthetic strech fabric
ZSG003.000+0003S00000000 € 35,94S859557012859642032100460gSynthetick leather
Synthetic strech fabric
ZSG003.000+0004S00000000 € 35,94M859557012860242032100460gSynthetick leather
Synthetic strech fabric
ZSG003.000+0005S00000000 € 35,94L859557012861942032100460gSynthetick leather
Synthetic strech fabric
ZSG003.000+0006S00000000 € 35,94XL859557012862642032100460gSynthetick leather
Synthetic strech fabric