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A simple, durable backpack for rock and sport climbers, which is the ideal compromise between a robust pull bag and rock bag. It offers a completely removable back piece, which is always on the top of the backpack during use, so it will prevent your clothes from getting dusty.

At first glance, it looks like a compact bag but it has capacity for an 80 to 100m rope plus a generous amount of climbing equipment for sport climbs (for example, two pairs of climbing shoes, a harness, a set of quick draws, belay device, snacks, a climbing guide and some clothes). The backpack contains two inner loops and one outer loop, so material can be better organized and quickly found. Two tiny loops inside are included for tying the rope ends. For keep track of small items, there are two inner pockets. On the outside of the bag, there is a large outer pocket, easily accessible and includes a keyhole. The spacious pocket in the lid is suitable for clothing. The outer pocket in the lid has a removable seat made of pleasant PE foam. And, of course, the backpack straps are well padded and comfortable.

Thanks to a stable construction and a large opening, the rope can be used directly from the backpack. Just drag and drop the rope straight in. This makes it unnecessary to use a tarp for a rope. The basic idea is that the rope is on the bottom and the other things on top. During use, the only item in the bag is the rope; the other items are being actively used or lay on the removable back piece nearby.

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Beetle Bag
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