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Ga terug TENDON Timber Prusik cord 8.0 - Red

Prusiks are new products in our offer. The use of the PES/TECHNORA material combination results in a better thermal and mechanical resistance of the sheath. Supplied in any length or as prusiks made to measure with sewn eyes.

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TENDON Timber Prusik cord 8.0 - Red


Artikelnummer#PrijsCertificationColourLengthRope diameter (mm)
P080TA0800 € 20,87EN 566 / EN 795B / CE1019Red80cm8
P080TA1001 € 21,60EN 566 / EN 795B / CE1019Red100cm8
P080TA1202 € 22,32EN 566 / EN 795B / CE1019Red120cm8