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The best choice among the canyoning ropes. Light, floating rope with our SECURE technology keeps its outstanding qualities for a long time. Its construction and applied materials help to minimize shrinking of the rope in wet conditions. It has stronger, coarser sheath and thanks to the production technology, this rope is very static, low stretch

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TENDON Salamander 10.2


Artikelnummer#PrijsRope diameter (mm)Weight (g/m)Number of falls min.Relative mass of sheath (%)Sheath slippage (%)Elongation (50 - 150 kg) (%)Shrinkage (%)Tenacity (kN)Min. tenacity with knots (kN)Used materialNoteCE 1019EN 1891Lengths (m)
C102TS31S200R0 € 566,2810.26020**4702.602312PA/PPV sheath/core** weight 55 Kg
fall factor 1
yes*yes - type B except material and falls200