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The DynaGo energy absorber for Via ferrata is the first and basic from our range of sports absorbers. It differs from Dynamax and Dynatwist in lower price, it has no metal element between the elastic arms and the energy absorber. The strength eye for sitting down when resting or securing is made of textile.

This Via Ferrata lanyard is for all users, from children to adults weighing between 40 -120 kg. Innovative, more durable bag containing the webbing.

Elastic strap with lenght of 50 cm, 90 cm when extended
2 carabiners with keylock design, correspond to EN 12275, type "K"
EN 958:2017
For children and adult climbers
Elastic shoulders
Carabiners with palm lock

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CTD003.000+0000S00040000 € 134,67555g