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Construction: 3 strand rope (the twine is made with 1-2-3-4 strands).
Composition: natural sisal fibre.
Features: easy to splice (for the ropes only, no for the twine). Good breaking strength. Sisal is a vegetal fibre, agave extract, which is cultivated especially in Tanganika. It can be considered the economic fibre comparing with its high resistance, it is the right fibre to produce ropes.
Colour: natural straw-yellow (light beige).
Applications: when needed a 100% natural sisal fibre in natural colour. To be used for decoration and furnishings, specific technical uses, environmentally friendly and as a substitute to Manila hemp fibre.

Specification to be used as guideline only.

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Sisal binder twine
Artikelnummer#PrijsDiameterlength per ball / coilweightUnit of Measure
3/4500 € 22,295375 m2.5 kgball
1630061 € 228,696450 m29 grweight gr/m
1630082 € 175,698220 m54 grweight gr/m
1630103 € 271,5210220 m68 grweight gr/m
1630124 € 375,3412220 m105 grweight gr/m