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4D POLE is a "gin pole" of great value in handling loads or people, for both work and in organized technical rescue.

The pole can be fixed in multiple directions at the same time, allowing the loaded ropes to slide easily on the terminal pulleys.

The top is composed of two DISCORIG plates with “Textile Friendly” connection points. Ropes and slings can be attached directly to the plate, providing a wide range of possible configurations with pulleys, connectors and mechanical rope clamps.

The modular structure allows the length (130÷205 cm) to be varied simply by increasing or decreasing the number of extension pieces in the central strut.

Fitted with a reversible foot that ensures perfect grip on both slippery surfaces (clawed side) and smooth surfaces (rubberized side).

Its compact size makes it easy to disassemble and carry in the shoulder bag provided.

Highest quality, completely produced in Italy.

NFC Ready

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