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Sit harness Skill Tree is designed for arboricultural work at heights.

Extremely comfortable, padded harness allows for longer durations in trees. Suitable for professionals as well as amateurs in the field of tree climbing and work in trees.

4 points with rings made of light alloy for work positioning
Securing knots on the rope bridge
Three fast release buckles allow for easy adjustment and placement
Waist strap in the back offers several places for the attachment of the Rock Empire plastic hook "Helper " for carrying saws, slings, kits, etc.
A moveable front attachment ring with a strength of 22 kN.
T he "O-ring" can connect to descenders for work at heights
Rope bridge between the legs is removable and can be easily replaced
Fully adjustable with heavily-padded waist belt and leg loops
Six loops for material and other tools
Identification label and pictograms

Replaces CUT002, new segment piece.

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Skill Tree


Artikelnummer#PrijsSizeNormEN 813: User Max. WeightWeight
CUT003.977+0234W00080000 € 339,77XS-MEN 813
EN 358
140 kg2042g
CUT003.977+0560W00080000 € 339,77L-XLEN 813
EN 358
140 kg2042g