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hoist size 5

Preassembled system that allows you to intervene quickly to lift a load by applying a force equal to 1/4 of the load itself.
If used in an inverted position (pulling from the bottom up) the necessary force is reduced to 1/5.

A self-locking device (Futura Miniblock) prevents the load from returning to its previous position. Equipped with a removable mesh cover that increases protection from potential wear due to rubbing, while also reducing the risk of twisting during use. Available in two standard sizes, 1m and 2m. Other sizes on request.

- evacuation from scaffolding;
- lifting of rope workers;
- recovery from confined spaces using a tripod or bipod.

High quality product, made in Italy!

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Artikelnummer#PrijsRatioMax length (m)Min length (m)Rope diameter (mm)Weight (g)
208201000KK0 € 464,641/4 - 1/513210950
208202000KK0 € 503,361/4 - 1/5234101220