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An all-body harness for the youngest users with body height up to 130 cm and maximum body weight 40 kg.

Wide straps, padded trousers and back straps will provide your child with the maximum climbing comfort.
Unlike the standard concept of two front attachement points, this harness is only provided with a single front
loop. You will mainly appreciate this safer solution when using a back attachement point.
Thanks to the back attachment point , the harness can be used for other activities, such as in rope parks. The
harness can be set with 4 buckles. For easier wearing, there is one more (non-dismountable) buckle .
The harness is comfortable when moving along the ground, as well as when climbing or hanging. Its application range is quite universal, including climbing, outdoor activities, as well as rope parks.
Easy and safe climbing. Fully adjustable. The harness is also comfortable for ground movement – without the
necessity of carabiner connection.

Easy and safe closing
1 material loop (max. 5 kg)
Fully adjustable
Front and rear attachment point
The harness is comfortable when moving on the ground - it does not require the need to attach a carabiner
Uni size

Made in EU. 

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CUR003.999+0000S00060000 € 129,95for children with hight up to 130 cm and max. weight 40 kgEN 12277495g