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Multi-directional openable ring

Multi-directional openable ring, suitable for semi-permanent equipment connection.
Ensures optimal load distribution in any position.

Uniform load of 22 kN in all directions, it is tested according to the recent UIAA 130 (Load Sharing Device).
It allows more than two devices to be connected, distributing the load evenly.
Read the standard.

Conforms to EN 362/M standard with a 24 kN load.

Wide 15 mm opening that allows ropes with sewn terminations to be inserted.
Removable gate by slotted screw that does not require the use of special tools, just a simple flat screwdriver.
Asymmetric shape that eliminates the chance of assembly error. 

Screw equipped with a rubber seal that ensures optimal tightening without annoying vibrations.

The body has a central flattening construction with raised edges that both increases the load capacity and protects the markings.

Available in 2 sizes, with internal diameter of 42 and 48 mm.
Designed and manufactured completely in Italy!

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Artikelnummer#PrijsCE ENMaterialWeight (g)kNSizeColourHole diameter (mm)
96042NN00KK0 € 52,27UIAA 130 EN 362/MAlu alloy652442Black42
96048NO00KK0 € 52,76UIAA 130 EN 362/MAlu alloy752448Black Orange48