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TWIN is a tried and tested abseiling and belaying device with an innovative patented construction in its suspension section and a design that allows greater flexibility when attaching to various types of fixed point.

It can be used for belaying a lead, pulling in the slack on one or two secondary climbers and for abseiling. It is intended for sports climbing, multi-pitch climbing or mountain climbing.

Appropriate for belaying and abseiling with simple or double ropes.
V-shaped friction surfaces allow for controlled braking.
Patented construction in the suspension section.
The rounded shape of the rope grooves reduce rope wear and extend the lifetime of the brake.
When belaying, a carabiner placed in the release opening allows the belayer to loosen a rope under tension.


Designed in EU.

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Artikelnummer#PrijsRope diameterMaterialNormWeightColor
ZRB019.000+0000D00040000 € 52,647.8-10.5 mmAluminiumEN 15151-276gaqua
ZRB019.000+0000D00080001 € 52,647.8-10.5 mmAluminiumEN 15151-276gblack
ZRB019.000+0000D00130002 € 52,647.8-10.5 mmAluminiumEN 15151-276ggrey