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This unique chain of textile loops offers safe and flexible use when connecting to an anchor including during work at heights. The Flexi Chain consists of 8 interconnected Dyneema slings with a total length of 120cm without a carabiner. Connecting the Flexi Chain to a climbing harness (alternatively to another anchoring or fastening device) is done by putting the bottom, longest loop of the Flexi chain through the harness belay loop or anchor point and then threading the end of that last Flexi Chain loop partially through the small opening on the last Flexi Chain. Then, the user should take the opposite end of the chain and pull it completely thru the opening created by the bottom longest loop (see instructions for use). This creates the necessary knot.

The Flexi Chain is a flexible anchoring and fastening device that allows you to easily select the appropriate length of Flexi Chain needed without the need to tie additional knots or use additional PPE.

The maximum strength of the Flexi Chain, as well as each individual Flexi Chain loop, is 24kN (2.4t.).

Carabiner not included

Made in EU. 

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Flexi Chain


Artikelnummer#PrijsLengthMaterialStrengthNormWeightStrap width
CED120.013+0120S00080000 € 68,97120 cmDyneema24 kNEN 56689.5g13 mm