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Common features of the X-Five models:

Full body work harness with 5 attachment points.
Designed for rope access suspension (via ventral attachment point), positioning (via lateral or ventral attachment points), restraint and fall arrest (via sternal or dorsal attachment points).
Lightness and full-body comfort make it greatly appreciated by the most demanding operators.
Excellent lumbar support thanks to ample ergonomic padding on the waistbelt.
High visibility through the use of bright colors on the back and lower parts.
Adequate number of adjustments to best suit individual body shapes.
The dorsal attachment point adapts to the curvature of the back. This feature facilitates dragging on the ground during evacuation and improves comfort when sitting against a backrest or wearing the harness under a jacket.
Equipped with 5 gear loops: the two at the front are moulded rigid, the others are flexible to improve comfort while seated.
Foldable lateral attachment points.
The chest ascender connection point is in an off-centre position so as not to interfere with other devices connected to the ventral attachment point.
The XS size covers small sizes to meet the growing demand from female users.
Tested with 150 kg.
Equipped with NFC chip to facilitate product traceability and to speed up periodic inspections.

Specifications for this version:

Designed for rope access workers who need to put the harness on quickly and/or several times during operations, those with a strong build or who wear bulky clothing.
Fully openable thanks to the ventral 3-movement connector and the two Cobra® automatic buckles on the leg loops.
Prepared for the application of a chest ascender using a triangular quick link and the sling tensioner.

High quality product completely designed and made in Italy!

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X-Five Fast


Artikelnummer#PrijsStandardsWeight (g)SizeWaist size (cm)Legs size (cm)
8W9401001KK0 € 738,10EN 361 EN 358 EN 8132230XS78/9248/58
8W9403001KK1 € 738,10EN 361 EN 358 EN 8132280S/M90/11555/65
8W9404001KK2 € 738,10EN 361 EN 358 EN 8132330L100/13060/70