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Chest Master Flash can be combined with ATLAS BELT or MASTER BELT to create a comfortable, vesatile, full arrest full-body harness.

It is equipped with a unique lighting system.

For storing small items (such as a knife, etc.), you can use small slots located on the shoulder straps.
Chest Master Flash is equipped with a unique lighting system.
The amount of light is 50 – 25 lumens.
Visibility up to 2 km depending on conditions.
Battery life is 7.5 hours.
Easily recharable with micro USB
The whole lighting system is waterproof.
The front attachment point includes an auxiliary strap with a small aluminum buckle for use with a chest ascender.
The back attachment point is a textile loop and can be hidden in a covered pocket and can be removed only when needed.

Made in EU.

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Master Chest Flash


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