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Set consisting of a winch*, a BigRig plate and a stainless steel mobile jaw which allows the system to be mounted on the most common tubular structures with a diameter from 48 to 50 mm (scaffolding and tubes/pipes), on the 4D Pole, as well as on the entire series of Kong tripods.

The Raizer has been designed to facilitate load handling (inert or human, but not for mixed use) during work at height, rope access operations and technical rescue.

It can be operated either with a double handle or a single handle, and in cases evaluated according to current regulations and using the appropriate adapter, also with motors.

The design of the winch allows the mounted system to be used against a wall or on a tree trunk, as the handle socket for the second handle can be removed, thus rendering the back piece perfectly flat.

Quick attachment without the need for tools thanks to the supplied handle nuts.

The set must only be used by operators trained in its specific use since, although it is relatively simple to use, the complexity of the evaluations to be carried out require a high qualification.

Raizer works with textile ropes (static, semi-static and dynamic) with a diameter from 6 to 12 mm.

The plate is certified in accordance with RfU CNB/P/11.114 and tested in accordance with the standards:

EN 795:2012/A
EN1496/B up to a maximum of 240 kg (150 kg when mounted on Tripode Base).

Supplied in a practical and compact bag that can accommodate the kit and any accessories.

Equipped with NFC chip to facilitate traceability and periodic checks.

High quality product completely Made in Italy!

*The part defined as "winch" significantly reduces the force required to lift the load; the direction of rotation is clockwise with double speed, 12.8:1 for low load/high speed use and 40:1 for high load/low speed use.

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Artikelnummer#PrijsStandardsMaterialWeight (kg)
817640000KK0 € 3.533,20EN 1496/B CEN TS 16415/A EN 795/A RfU CNB/P/11.114Alu alloy Steel7