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A simple and intuitive work tool for rope access and positioning . The “Y” version has two lengths of rope, with one terminating in a steel element for precise adjustment of rope length and the second terminating in a
durable connective loop. The perfect solution for uninterrupted and safe attachments and positioning during various rope procedures. The loop material can absorb impact forces during fall loads (for fall factors lower
than 1). The integrated steel element ensures a long product lifetime and allows for quick and simple adjustment of the rope length. The design of the steel element allows for it to be adjusted even under load.

Double rope.
Two attachment points, one adjustable, the other fixed, allowing for more advanced positioning.
To attach it to the harness you need to use a working attachment (EN 362), ideally something like a maillon or Rock Empire Connect Ring.
The design of the adjustable steel element allows for positioning even under load.
A carabiner can be fixed in place using the rubber component and
Multi Anti Slip that are included.
Left and right-side usage.
Emergency release option using a carabiner even under loads (climber rescue).
Carabiner not included.

Made in EU.

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Artikelnummer#PrijsMaterialNormEN 358: User Max. WeightWeight
CLS100.100+0100W00050000 € 125,96Nylon
Stainless steel
EN 358
EN 354
140 kg293g