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Haria is a harness for rescue, working and police dogs, specially designed for suspension in rough terrain and helicopter activities.

The one size is adjustable by means of innovative buckles that can be opened and easily maneuvered. It adapts to fit the dog breeds used in this canine world with weights up to 50 kg.

The suspension point is clearly visible even in the dark thanks to the reflective tape, it is identified by a special pictogram. When not in use, it can be stored under the specific elastic retaining strap.

On the back there is a comfortable handle for handling the dog. The GPS pocket # 844080N01KK (optional) can also be positioned here.

For ground operations without suspension requirements, using the front part on its own is allowed. For all suspension operations on impassable terrain and/or with a helicopter, the combined use of the front and back part is required. Both parts can be easily connected/disconnected via the automatic buckle.

The GPS pocket was positioned to minimize the possibility of it getting caught in vegetation or rubble. The Velcro closure is to eliminate the possibility of classic zip failures.

Integrated NFC chip with the option of entering personal, dog and/or operator data.

High-visibility color helps you to identify the dog in all scenarios; also available in black.

High quality product, completely designed and made in Italy!

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Artikelnummer#PrijsSizeWeight (g)Colour
844080O00KK0 € 338,80UNI395Orange/Black
844080N00KK1 € 338,80UNI395Black
844080N01KK2 € 72,6030Black