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A special loop designed to connect the seat and chest of a climbing harness for use on Via Ferratas. It is the successor to the Lanyard Y PA product.

Thanks to the FERRATA CONNECT, harnessing up and tying in is now more comfortable, faster and safer. You don’t have to be able to tie a classic knot, just use the FERRATA CONNECT, run it through the belay loops of the chest and seat of the harness and connect it to the carabiner. The product also includes an Anti Slip device for fixing the carabiner properly in place in the loop of
the strap. It can be used with any kind of safety carabiner (EN 362:B, EN 12275:H).

It is available in two lengths.
Easy to use with any seat or chest harness.
High load capacity.
Reduces risk of incorrect tying in.
Two sizes of colour-coded straps.
Includes an Anti Slip device, safety endpoint for proper carabiner placement.

Made in EU.

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Ferrata Connect


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