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Ga terug Accessory Carabiner Al 2T

Auxiliary carabiner with 2T lock.

Suitable for attaching tools, accessories, climbing shoes, etc. to harness.
Available in two colors. Black and silver.
Strength 10 kN!

Not certified.

It is not intended for securing people and climbing.

Designed in EU.

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Accessory Carabiner Al 2T
Artikelnummer#PrijsMajor axis strengthColourGate openingDimensionMaterialWeight
ZRC062.000+0000W00080000 € 22,8710 kNblack body
red gate
13 mm80 x 45 mmAluminium30g
ZRC062.000+0000W00190000 € 22,8710 kNanthracite body
blue gate
13 mm80 x 45 mmAluminium30g