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New type of a static rope with a polyamide core and polyester shealth that meets EN 1891:1998, type A and NFPA 2500 Technical use standards.

Thanks to the polyester shealth, it has less static elongation, is less susceptible to moisture, more resistant to abrasion and allows more color variations with better visibility at work. These brighter colors are more suitable when working, for example, on roofs, where the rope is easier to see, or for better orientation in the ropes when handling with a two-rope technique.

SBS - Simple Braid System
SBS – is system where each strand is plaited separatelly into the sheath construction and not in pair (tandem). SBS braiding makes the sheath surface much more compact and smoother. Therefore ropes made by SBS generate much lower friction, are more resistant to abrasion and last longer while in contact with rocks.

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TENDON eStatic 11.0


Artikelnummer#PrijsColourWeight (g/m)Tenacity (kN)Used materialType
L110NE42S200R0 € 588,06Lum. Yellow8435PES/PA sheath/coreA
L110NE43S200R0 € 588,06Lum. Orange8435PES/PA sheath/coreA
L110NE41S200R0 € 588,06White8435PES/PA sheath/coreA