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climbing harness| adjustable leg loopsNew, fully adjustable harness with four buckles, ideal for mountaineering, winter climbing and via ferrata.Main features ergonomic waistbelt with two light alloy adjustment buckles that allow perfect centering, keeping the gear loops in the optimal position new aluminum buckles allow quick and precise adjustment leg loops and waistbelt made with variable-width webbing, an ergonomic solution that combines maximum comfort with reduced weight padded waistbelt and leg loops made of EVA foam and breathable, highly abrasion-resistant PES textile 2 loops for attaching an additional equipment carabiner rear loop for attaching a chalk bag or other accessories 4 shaped and ergonomic gear loops Available in two colors and 3 sizes: S - M/L - XL

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Artikelnummer#PrijsStandardsWeight (g)SizeWaist size (cm)Legs size (cm)Colour
8C0122200KK0 € 148,42EN 12277/C UIAA365S65/8050/55Amaranth
8C0123200KK0 € 148,42EN 12277/C UIAA390M/L75/9060/65Amaranth
8C0125200KK0 € 148,42EN 12277/C UIAA410XL85/10065/70Amaranth
8C0122100KK0 € 148,42EN 12277/C UIAA365S65/8050/55Petrol
8C0123100KK0 € 148,42EN 12277/C UIAA390M/L75/9060/65Petrol
8C0125100KK0 € 148,42EN 12277/C UIAA410XL85/10065/70Petrol