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The lightweight, modern ROCK EMPIRE SIGA Via Ferrata set is equipped with large, yet very lightweight, palm carabiners that are easy to handle and allow connection to cables and anchors of larger diameters. The handling of these state-of-the-art Via Ferrata carabiners is very intuitive, thanks to their ergonomic shape, sophisticated design and optimal angle of opening, which makes for comfortable and safe handling. The easy operation of the internal mechanism and the easy handling of these new carabiners contribute significantly to the comfort and safety of the user even on demanding mountain

The ultra-compact fall absorber of the SIGA meets the highest standards for safety in the mountains. The absorber bag is very small and has a rounded shape, which means that it does not get in the way during climbs on the routes. The shape also minimizes the risk of getting caught on rock edges and protrusions.

The SIGA set also has an integrated steel swivel, which reduces the twisting and knotting of the arms of the set when clipping on and off the cables. The swivel includes a steel loop for attaching a carabiner in the event of the need to unhook or hook into an anchor point.

Key Features:

Modern carabiners with ergonomic design for intuitive operation.
Ultra-compact fall absorber.
Elastic arms for easy handling and instant accessibility to each carabiner at your fingertips.
Swivel that reduces the twisting of the Via Ferrata’s arms.
Extra steel loop for attaching a carabiner.
Carabiner dimensions: 170x85 mm
Carabiner opening: 24 mm
For users weighing: 40 to 120 kg

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CTD004.000+0000S00040000 € 205,46Aluminium
stainless steel
60 cm
90 cm when extended
EN 958:17585g