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work helmet | ABS

Safety helmet for work at height, industrial activities and building construction.

Lightweight helmet, comfortable and well ventilated with wheel adjustment system.
Chinstrap designed to open in the event of suspension and prevent choking: it opens between 15 and 25 daN (conform to CE EN 397 standard).
Size adjustment wheel easily handable even with gloves on.
Shell with ventilation holes and clips for mounting headlamps.
Pre-drilled holes for the installation of the visor and ear muffs (optional).
Internal webbing suspension system with removable and washable padding.
Available in various colors (white, yellow, red, black and high visibility) also with special rubberized
Available in various colors (white, yellow, red, black and high visibility) also with special rubberized black finishing "Soft Touch"
HV version (high visibility) in yellow fluo with reflective stickers.
Reflective versions dedicated to medical emergency and pubblic assistance, in red or white with reflective stickers for night visibility.
Universal size (52-64 cm).
High quality product, made in Italy!

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Artikelnummer#PrijsCertificationMaterialColourWeight (g)SizeCircumference (cm)
99718AN02KK0 € 95,76CE EN 397ABSBlack385UNI52-64
99718AY02KK1 € 95,76CE EN 397ABSYellow385UNI52-64
99718AO02KK2 € 95,76CE EN 397ABSOrange385UNI52-64
99718AW02KK3 € 95,76CE EN 397ABSWhite385UNI52-64
99718AR02KK4 € 95,76CE EN 397ABSRed385UNI52-64
99718AA02KK5 € 95,76EN 397ABSBlue385UNI52-64
99718GN02KK6 € 118,02CE EN 397ABSMatte Black390UNI52-64
99718RO02KK7 € 125,40EN 397ABSOrange Fluo Reflective Soft Touch385UNI52-64
99718RY02KK8 € 130,41EN 397ABSYellow Fluo Reflective Soft Touch385UNI52-64
99718FR02KK9 € 112,41CE EN 397ABSRed Reflective385UNI52-64
99718FW02KK10 € 112,41CE EN 397ABSWhite Reflective385UNI52-64
99718FY02KK11 € 112,41CE EN 397ABSYellow Fluo Reflective385UNI52-64