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Figure '8' descender with wings for create a locking knot. Perfect for belaying the first climber with double ropes.
The large central opening allows you to overcome any knots on the ropes.
It works on ropes from 9 to 16 mm
Available in alu alloy and stainless steel versions.

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Big 8


Artikelnummer#PrijsCertificationMaterialWeight (g)ColourMain dimension (mm)Minimum rope diameter (mm)Maximum rope diameter (mm)
80506R400KK0 € 53,34Alu alloy260Red172916
80506P100KK1 € 45,25Alu alloy260Polished172916
80506N400KK2 € 53,34Alu alloy260Black172916
805050000KK3 € 80,08Stainless steel750Polish172916