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A real workhorse for Kong!

Multipurpose hot-forged aluminum plate for use with single, double and twin ropes.

Its main applications are self-locking belaying for one or two seconds and abseiling.

The central rib acts as a fulcrum on the connector and allows the recovery of two people, even secured to ropes of different diameter, either simultaneously or separately.

In the case of a fall, only the rope subjected to the fall blocks, leaving the other free to slide.

It is possible to use the GI-GI in combination with a self-locking device and a foot pedal for emergency lifting.

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Artikelnummer#PrijsCertificationMaterialWeight (g)ColourMain dimension (mm)Minimum rope diameter (mm)Maximum rope diameter (mm)
859F00400KK2 € 21,54Alu alloy62Titanium113812
859N00400KK3 € 21,97Alu alloy62Black113812
859Y00400KK4 € 21,54Alu alloy62Yellow113812
859P00100KK5 € 18,05Alu alloy62Polished113812
859B00400KK6 € 21,54Alu alloy62Cyan113813