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Fishing pole

The STELVIO fishing pole (together with ORTLES winch not included) is the rescue device that placed on the edge of rocks, bridges or buildings allows the lifting and lowering of injured and loads in an easy, quick and safe way avoiding direct contact of the rope on the sharp edge. Its low weight and small dimensions (two pieces of 1.20mt.) make it a very important device for rescue teams.
The STELVIO is fixed on a plate by a hinged joint allowing a 120° inclination. Max lenght 2,3 m.

The special plate at the base of the pole allows the fixation of the pole itself on different situations (mud, ice, snow, grass, etc.).
Optional plate for trucks (#817120000KK): special plate for fixing the Stelvio fishing pole through the wheels of a truck.
High quality product, made in Italy!

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Artikelnummer#PrijsCertificationMaterialWeight (kg)
817100000KK1 € 3.926,62DIRETTIVA 89/392/CEEAlu alloy9