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Rescue and heli-rescue harness, great also for short duration rope access and positioning, situations where light weight and freedom of movement are primary characteristics.
Equipped with automatic buckles on breast and leg loops for ultra-fast dressing.
All buckles are made of stainless steel AISI 316 to ensure maximum resistance in corrosive environments.
The leg loops pads are wider for greater comfort during suspension.

Main features:

- Wide, breathable and padded leg loops for maximum comfort of use

- Ergonomic waist belt with light structure for the best fit and comfort

- Yellow fluo finishing for the best visibility during operational phase

- Polyester webbing double coloured HT (high tenacity) for a fast check of the right dressing.

- Wide gear loops for maximum efficiency and minimum size

- Comfortable big rear loop for an easy handling of the operator during the different movement on the machine and on the


- Upper part with ergonomic cut, light,breathable and padded for the maximum comfort of dressing and use

- Automatic buckle for a fast dressing

- Short stitched longe for linking upper and lower parts, with engagement ring in contrasting colors for maximum efficiency and absolute operational safety

- High quality product, made in Italy!

NFC Ready

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Target Pro Turbo


Artikelnummer#PrijsCertificationMaterialWeight (g)SizeWaist size (cm)Legs size (cm)Chest size (cm)
8W9833001KK2 € 516,62CE EN 361
CE EN 358
CE EN 12277/A
CE EN 813
8W9835001KK3 € 516,62CE EN 361
CE EN 358
CE EN 12277/A
CE EN 813