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Ovalone Twist Lock

Oval aluminum carabiner with large opening. The wide symmetrical shape, greater than that of a classic oval, still allows a better positioning on mobile devices and their correct operation even if not perfectly aligned with the connector.

Key features:

- Twist lock sleeve (2 movements): to open the carabiner turn the sleeve and pull.
- System keylock
- High quality product entirely developed and manufactured in Italy
- Tested piece by piece

Vraag informatie aan over dit product:

Ovalone Twist Lock


Artikelnummer#PrijsCertificationMaterialKeylockColourMain axis load (kN)Minor axis load (kN)Open gate load (kN)Weight (g)ShapeLength (mm)Width (mm)Body diameter (mm)Eyelet diameter (mm)Rope diameter (mm)
712RPP3P1KK1 € 24,20CE EN 362/B
CE EN 12275/B
Alu alloyKeylockred/polish/polish269/79Oval11062.6//21
7120001P1KK2 € 23,52CE EN 362/B
CE EN 12275/B
Alu alloyKeylockpolished269/79Oval11062.6//21
712OPN7PNKK3 € 24,18CE EN 12275
CE EN 362/B
Alu alloyKeylockOrange/Polish/Black269/79Oval11062.6//21

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