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Aluminum alloy | Bent gate

Aluminum carabiner designed for sport climbing and for use on quickdraws. The bent gate allow a secure hand grip and a quicker insertion of the rope. The contact surfaces are wider to reduce wear and to improve the passage of the rope.

Key Features:

- Specific slim profile for a small footprint
- Keylock system
- Bent gate for quick insertion of the rope
- High quality product completely developed and produced in Italy
- Tested piece by piece

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Trapper Bent Gate


Artikelnummer#PrijsCertificationMaterialKeylockColourMain axis load (kN)Minor axis load (kN)Open gate load (kN)Weight (g)ShapeLength (mm)Width (mm)Body diameter (mm)Eyelet diameter (mm)Rope diameter (mm)
789I10PP0KK0 € 13,96CE EN 12275
Alu alloyKeylockPolished2310852Asymmetric985810/19
789I10CN0KK1 € 16,17CE EN 12275
Alu alloyKeylockYellow/black2310852Asymmetric985810/19