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Aluminum alloy | Auto Block Sleeve | Wide opening

Aluminum carabiner with 3 movements Auto Block sleeve and Keylock system. Its special shape allows a large aperture (less than 26 mm!) and excellent grip. The Auto Block sleeve makes it suitable for professional use.
Normally used on lanyards for progression and positioning.

Key Features:

- Improved opening and capabilities thanks to the D-shaped bent
- Keylock system
- High quality product completely developed and manufactured in Italy
- Tested piece by piece

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Ferrata Auto Block


Artikelnummer#PrijsCertificationMaterialKeylockColourMain axis load (kN)Minor axis load (kN)Open gate load (kN)Weight (g)ShapeLength (mm)Width (mm)Body diameter (mm)Eyelet diameter (mm)Rope diameter (mm)
778MM0RPPKK0 € 25,34CE EN 362/B
CE EN 12275/K
Alu alloyKeylockRed/Polished/Polished308/95Ferrata117.58014/26
778MM0PPPKK1 € 24,76CE EN 362/B
CE EN 12275/K
Alu alloyKeylockPolished308/95Ferrata117.58014/26
778MM0NNNKK2 € 25,63CE EN 362/B
CE EN 12275/K
Alu alloyKeylockBlack308/95Ferrata117.58014/26