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Triangle quick links

Triangular quick link made of stainless steel. Useful for having a distribution of forces in three directions. It can be used to connect the chest ascender to the harness.
Available in two sizes.
High quality, tested piece by piece.

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Triangle quick links


Artikelnummer#PrijsCertificationMaterialColourMain axis load (kN)Minor axis load (kN)Open gate load (kN)Weight (g)ShapeLength (mm)Width (mm)Body diameter (mm)Eyelet diameter (mm)Rope diameter (mm)
6021000D1KK1 € 27,59CE EN 12275/Q
CE EN 362/Q
Stainless steelPolished6030/155Special866610/12
6020800D1KK2 € 17,91CE EN 12275/Q
CE EN 362/Q
Stainless steelPolished4025/89Special72568/10

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