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Stainless steel carabiner | AISI 316 | Straight gate

Connector made of AISI 316 stainless steel with straight gate and eye. Available in 7 sizes.
Keylock locking system. Each product is marked with an indication of the maximum load.
High quality product, made in Italy.

The Keylock system definitively eliminates any sealing tooth both on the body and on the gate of the connector.
There are therefore no points to snag rope or webbing being the carabiner devoid of sharp edges.

Compared to other less noble stainless steels, AISI 316 steel is used in aggressive environments, where there are many corrosive factors that are prolonged over time, for example marine areas, saline environments, areas with the presence of chemical substances.
It is therefore a perfect product for use in the nautical world but also in food and chemicals industry.

The product is also available in the version without eye.

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Classic Eye


Artikelnummer#PrijsCertificationMaterialKeylockColourMain axis load (kN)Minor axis load (kN)Open gate load (kN)Weight (g)ShapeLength (mm)Width (mm)Body diameter (mm)Eyelet diameter (mm)Rope diameter (mm)
555B0GPP0KK1 € 9,39/Stainless steelKeylockPolished///17Symmetric5025567
555C0GPP0KK2 € 10,14/Stainless steelKeylockPolished///30Symmetric6030678
555D0GPP0KK3 € 12,66/Stainless steelKeylockPolished///47Symmetric72347910
555E0GPP0KK4 € 14,08/Stainless steelKeylockPolished8//71Symmetric803881010
555I0GPP0KK5 € 21,90/Stainless steelKeylockPolished12//135Symmetric10348101215.5
555L0GPP0KK6 € 27,20/Stainless steelKeylockPolished20//196Symmetric1215710.51517
555N0GPP0KK7 € 38,02/Stainless steelKeylockPolished24//376Symmetric16080132230