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Rope bag developed for rope transport in canyon.
Intended for professional use, explorers, guides, instructors and  first aid specialists in canyon
Main features:
•    it contains 60m rope of 10mm (also already used) or 80m rope of 9mm (also already used)
•    fast emptying thanks to the mesh structure (rapid emptying means less fatigue)
•    lightweight
•    internal separator in mesh in order to have, in a practical way, both rope branches: the terminal part of the rope slips out easily and it can be also put again, separating it from the other rope branch; very functional detail when you reinsert the rope.
•    comfortable in the transportation, thanks to the adjustable shoulder straps, which, if necessary can be removed from buckles and stowed in the internal gear holder bag
•    internal gear holder bag, useful for housing descender, rings, slings/lanyards etc.)
•    wide carrying handle
•    extension cord for hooking the backpack during a break
•    internal rings for attachment of rope extremities in 2 vivid colours

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982521000KK1 € 199,9675025PVC