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Ingenious alu alloy hook for belaying, aid climbing and stirrups. Resting Fiffi allows you to adjust the length of the lanyard and is self-locking.
Use with 7 mm static rope. Only for static loads!
With Resting Fiffi your stirrup can also be with single step. The upper hole allows the insertion of a lanyard to recover from the top.
High quality product designed and manufactured in Italy.
Tested piece by piece.

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Resting Fiffi
Artikelnummer#PrijsMaterialWeight (g)Load (kN)ColorMain dimension (mm)Rope diameter (mm)
803R00400KK0 € 6,78Alu alloy15/Red807
803B00400KK1 € 6,07Alu alloy15Blue807
803F00400KK2 € 6,07Alu alloy15Grey807
803P00100KK3 € 6,12Alu alloy15/Polish807