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Through slipping out the rope under control, energy dissipators reduce the wrench caused by an accidental fall. Dissipator KISA (Kong Impact Shock Absorber) allows the use of two different diameters of the cord, inserted in different openings, with the purpose to obtain various degrees of friction and paying out. The user must decide for him/herself which is the most appropriate way to use the equipment and the length of the cord to be paid out. The more correct set-up may vary following the weight of the user and the various types and conditions of the cord. Remember that wet cords do not slide so quickly.
KISA is also recommended with critical nails for rock or ice climbing.

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Artikelnummer#PrijsCertificationWorking load (kg)MaterialWeight (g)
80606N400KK0 € 18,68//Aluminum330
80606B400KK1 € 18,68//Aluminum330